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. this is abc 7 news. >>> about when we continues here tonight. tough choice. president obama budget and some of the cuts he's proposed felt most here in the bay area. fichlt flash point iran. inspired by the event in egypt tens of thousands of protestors take to the street as police charge in with tear gas. >> diplomatic rift. the rising tension over an american accused of killing 2 pakistani. >> plus russia trip to mars. excitement overlanding in a giant sand pit. >> and why president obama is giant sand pit. >> and why president obama is headed to the bay area >> good evening once again. president obama released his proposed budget for 2012. it cuts more than a trillion dollars in federal spending over 10 year time. in his state of the union speech the president warned that the cuts would be sharp. and in programs that he cares deeply about. now he's daring republicans to do more. here's political reporter mark matthe matthews. >>reporter: president obama calls it a budget filled with sacrifices. >> if we are going to walk the walk comes to fiscal discipline these kind of
now. >> president obama commenting on egypt now that its president hosni mubarak says he will step down. good evening i'm dan ashley. president obama stressed that the transition should include a broad spectrum of voices as well as opposition parties. the quarter million protestors cheered daned and erupted in joy when the president emerged saying he will not run for reelection in september. here's a reporter in egypt. >> tonight the square erupted in anger. people finally heard from the man they have risen up against. appearing on state television president mubarak address the protestors directly tell them their demands are legitimate and that he will stand down. but not just yet. instead he pledged to spend his next few months in office restoring law and order. reforming the constitution. and the election law. not good enough says this defiant crowd in cairo. this moment was a week in the making. week of steadily mounting pressure. from people in the streets and leaders around the world. president obama dispatched a former ambassador tow egypt to deliver a message direc
square all evening. "the new york times"is reporting that the obama administration is negotiating with top egyptian officials about the immediate resignation of president mubarak. any interim government would hikely include egypt newly appointed vice president. well today vice president blamed the unrest on foreigners and businessmen. reporters and human rights activist became target for the pro government protestors. fichlt uc davis professor attacked during the skirmish yesterday suffering cuts and bruises and today a student got pretty roughed up. he spoke with mark matthews. >> they ripped open my suitcas suitcases. they took my passport. passed it around. >>reporter: by skype andrew simon told me today about being repeatedly rouinged at civilian man checkpoint near the square. >> threw things on the ground. went through all of my belongings. >>reporter: simon waiting to hear if he will get in graduate school at uc berkeley next fall says he wasn't even heading into the square. he was just trying to get to his apartment. he says in the square the battle for cairo conti
director and president obama about said the administration clearly expected him to step down today. but mubarak again confounded expectation by revving to leave office. the white house has been putting a lot of pressure on mubarak to resign immediately. but in today's speech and in what many say is a direct snub to president obama, mubarak said he's staying put. more now from about abc christiane. >> what i found extraordinary today was his that his speech he directly addressed the people of liberation square. he talked directly to them and they talked directly back to him with that roar of disapproval. after his speech. it's a real sort of interesting dialogue that is going on right now. between the leadership and the people in that square. he did say that he was going to give over a substantial part of his powers to the vice president. i have been asking over again and everybody keeps assuring me that the army will not intervene in any way against the people. >> now late today president obama questioned whether mubarak pledge to shift power to his vice president is a meani
. the repercussions are far reaching and the announcement by the obama administration was quite a surprise. >> i was riding bart to work this morning and saw it on facebook. >> teresa roe immediately texted her fiancee when she learned of the obama administration announcement to no longer defend the constitutionality of federal law that bans the gay marriages.ecognition of >> it is not a final deal but an enormous step in the right direction and i have been on cloud 9 all day. >> today is the day that we will remember all of our lives an impromptu celebration materialized at market and castro. gay marriage advocates have long opposed the doma act that defined marriages as only between a man and a woman. >> doma is a law passed that keeps gay couples from having federal rights. >> with the attorney general writing to the speaker of the house about no longer upu holding the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act rights of gay and lesbian couples open up from social security to pensions to healthcare. >> the obama administration is splitting with the bipartisan majority in congress and th
personal account of the battle over baghdad. >> president obama says united states will recognize the world newest nation but with one condition. >> story behind the picture why bringing so much sadness to >> story behind the picture why bringing so much sadness to south america >> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. san jose family pos posting fliers hoping, hoping that someone will come forward with information about a silver minivan or perhaps an suv that hit 18-year-old erica luna. she broke her pelvis and doctors are not sure that she will ever be able to walk again. her family offering a 2,000 dollar reward and crime stoppers adds another 1,000 dollars leading to an arrest. >> egyptian authority about freed google executive after 12 day in captivity. he's the man behind a facebook page that helped organize protestors and his arrest became a rallying point in lip ration square in cairo 30-year-old executive father of 2 says his captors treated him with respect and did not torture him. >> bounce houses are banned from park and pla
. >> coming up. president obama says farewell to press secretary robert gibbs. bitter sweet moment at the white house secretary robert gibbs. bitter sweet moment at the white house when we l. >> president obama made a surprise visit to the white house briefing room today. it was robert gibbs last day a press secretary. mark the occasion the president returned a tie to gibbs that he had borrowed to wear while delivering the key note address to the democratic national convention in 2004. that speech as you may remember is largely credited with catapulting obama on the national stage little known senator from illinois. here's what he said today. >> 10 minutes before we were about to go on stage we were still having an argument about the tie. i bought 5 or 6 tie. and michelle didn't like any of them. axle rod didn't like a couple el of them. he's one of the best dress men in the worl world. so we really valued had opinion. and then somebody, i don't remember who is it was turned and said do you know what, what about gibbs tie? what about gibbs tie that might look good and fra
will not hear arguments until at least september. >>> we are learning more about who president obama will be meeting during his visit to the bay area tomorrow evening. the president will have a private dinner at an undisclosed location with executives like facebook founder and apple ceo and the google chief executive. the white house says the dinner meet willing focus on innovation, job creation and education. >>> overseas, peaceful protests turned violent in bahrain today. two people are dead and 50 injured. riot police attacked the protesters in pearl square with rubber bullets and tear gas. abc's miguel marquez was right in the middle of it. listen as he describes what happened. >> it's after 3:00 in the morning here. the military has just come alongside the highway right next to the main square here in town and they are firing tons of tear gas into the square and clearing about 2 or 3,000 protesters out. that was a canister. no, no, no! video. journalist. journalist! journalist! journalist! jurisdictionist! journalist. jurisdictionist. no, he said no. no, he said no. i'm going! i
in massachusetts already passed similar resolution but it turns out there's a catch. last month president obama signed an act that for bids the u.s. from paying for clear detainee to relocate anywhere to the u.s. if they are in prison they have no money and they have got to passport. unclear how they would get here. reporting in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> victory for prosecutors today in the barry bond perjury case. federal judge will allow prosecutors to play an audio recording they claim has the personal trainer discussing the former giant stared use. they asked the judge to exclude the recording claiming no way to authenticate it since trainer anderson refuses to testify. the judge agreeed to allow it however since the man who secretly made the recording the former business partner will testify for the prosecution. the trial is scheduled to start march 21st. >> in sacramento today state judicial officials were grilled over bunk eled contracts and huge cost overruns in massive computer project for the state court system. about vick lee was at that legislative hearing. >> this is certainly
address last month president obama said it is not just the winner of the superbowl that should be celebrated but the winner of the science fair. group of bay area high school student is hoping to snag that kind of honor at national robot competition. impressive stuff. the story from health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> we can't run around the floor looking like this. that's not going to happen. >>reporter: so maybe right now it look like a step ladder glued together with plastic pipe but in a few days science advisor karen mahoney swears it's a full blown robot. >> we have to put this robot donor not into a bag. it get sealed. we don't get to touch it again until we go to the tournament. >> reporter: the student in san jose are crafting their entry for the national first robot competition. teens design to it perform a specific goal. as illustrate entered the animation this year challenge boils down to a sophisticated game of ring tos toss. >> this is kind of crazy if you think about the fact that the robot only about this big. >>reporter: he's engineering sof
continue president obama makes history coming up he apoint the first man and first openly gay person to prominent position. >> she's really good at connecting and knowing where you are. >> the technique that help east bay professor win the highest [ son ] my parents always lived in the states, until my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly, found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss... the seventh-inning stretch. so citi helped me use my thankyou points to give them something special. their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>. >> white house hired a man as chief party planner. it's the first time a woman will not hold the post of social secretary since the job was created during the roosevelt administration. thee door. jeremy also the first openly gay person to fill the role. he's currently senior advisor to the ambassador at the u.s. embassy
of the egyptian people and ladies to free and fair elections. >>reporter: president obama again today. nearly 100,000 protestors packed cairo central square in an event called the day of the key par tour in the hope itgz4q would be the day president mubarak leaves. event was largely peaceful but outside the square there were some sporadic clash with mubarak supporters. reporter from a state run newspaper died while many have been attacked he's the first journalist killedçó in the crisis. mean time missing google executive may be in prisone1 in egypt. al jazeera reports that the family of the man has received mid nature phone calls from his captors saying he's being taught a lesson. w3 he's head of marketing for middle east and north africa. he flew to take part in the protest but disappeared last friday. one week ago. egyptian government that the man is being held. >>> now as i said today protest in egypt largely peaceful. in fact some demonstrators were absolutely jubilant. that story tonightÑï1ñ from david m. >>reporter: just beyond the tank just inside the square theñ citiz
unemployment. nearly 25%. president obama's cairo speech persuaded them to buy gin a concerted outreach. osan attended this conference for egyptian enter pr entrepren october. >> it is unusual but it is still continuing. we will have to slow down for about a month or two, make sure that the states are safe. the banks are closed in egypt but i think it is a very short hiccup to a big opportunity that lies between the egyptian people and the rest of the world. >> he believes more high tech companies should evaluate the market once stability is restored. egyptian native and c.e.o. constantine says it is his personal mission to help bring about change. >> one single startup with pro pa gait througpropagate througe egyptian landscape. i believe that with my heart. >> reporter: he talked about what he calls hope with a dash of decembedashofof decembedeced up by a u.n. report which found it takes more than two years after finishing school for a young person in egypt to find a solid job. in the newsroom, caroline tyler. >>> the first digital daily newspaper made exclusively for the apple ipad made it
the healthcare act president obama signed into law last year, >>> health item you will want to hear about. people who drink a diet soda each day may be boosting their risk of stroke. a 51% increased risk compared to those who drink no soda whatsoever. they don't know why specifically diet soda would cause the increased risk but previous studies showed diet soda linked to high blood pressure and low good cholesterol. it was presented at the international stroke conference going on in los angeles. >>> you could say that comic relief is coming to the healthcare plan. an nit economist a man considered brilliant by his peers is going to write a comic book explaining the healthcare overhaul. jonathan grabbier helped former governor mitt romney craft, massachusetts' overhaul. don't expect superheros or caped crusaders. it has the straightforward title healthcare reform what it is, why it's necessary, how it works. >>> you know, athletes often credit coaches for teaching them lessons of life and nothing can be more true for one college baseball coach who led by example in a profound way. he demonstrated
dollars in clean investment 28 percent increase. last week president obama said would he like to see federal subsidy taken from oil company and research. it can run into the tens of billions of dollar. major swift of clean truck ro row. of. >> what we hear from washington we are pulling back our role is to system the economy. for up to the private sector to step nishtion it has. chevron and proctor and gamble are investors in ls 9. bp funed 500 million dollar project at uc berkeley. support help can help in the beginning but we need to be able to come piece with existing tech until ji on our own 2 feet. without the need of. >> they are on the fast track and each day it gets additional support as a result of world events and support from the government. in south san francisco david louie abc 7 money scope. >> college basketball coming up. former bay area player makes name for himself. >> scottish climber falls 1,000 feet. rescuers find him i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll
 >> good evening i'm dan ashley. president obama is in the bay area tonight. he traveled across the country to have dinner with the titan of technology here. among others the head of facebook, apple and other kill. lily live at woodside where the dinner meeting is under way at john dohr home. >> the president motorcade is about to leave which means the dinner lasted about 2 and half hours. about a dozen people were invited to tonight's exclusive gathering. >> 45 minutes later the president motorcade arrived at the woodside home of venture capitalist dohr for dinner and discussion with silicon valley biggest names, apple ceo steve jobs, google ceo schmid and facebook founder and oracle and chambers. stanford professor lives behind the stage and pleased to see the president in his neighborhood. >> good thing for the president to get out into the community that he sevens. and a lot of people in woodside with a lot of influence and the direction of our country and that's a good thing to interact. >>reporter: white house says the purpose of the pres
democracy protestors triggered sharp criticism from president obama. he's urging authority to show restraint and respect the rights of their people. britain and fran meanwhile have announced they halt arms sale to bahrain. >> somali pirates cap seward several americans including a couple from southern california. attack happened 275 miles off the coast of the indian ocean. pirates hijack a yacht owned by scott and jean add a.they live in marina del rey. group has been on a round the world sail trip for more than a year. distress signal sent by the boat a week ago. united states has said to be reviewing the option the for potential rescue. >>> back at home. police have revealed where a top narcotics agent accused of dealing drugs got them. officer norman welch along with private investigators chris butler see the picture there are both facing charges after being arrested this week. latest on the case from laura anthony. >>reporter: about wearing orange jail jump suit 2 men with long ties to law enforcement entered a martinez courtroom. the 28 count felony complaint include charges th
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